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3D Rendering on Raspberry Pi using Aqsis renderer

checkout my rendering experiments using Raspberry Pi


The first thing I do once I buy a new computer is to put it to test to see how it performs when it comes to rendering complex 3d scene. Being a technical artist, its our job to innovate the most efficient workflow to get the best out of the available resources. So what If a 3d rendering task is thrown at the Raspberry Pi?

I decided to go with Aqsis, a 3D rendering solution adhering to RenderMan standard. Why Aqsis? Because its Open Source. So its just a matter of few hours to get Aqsis built for your distro running on Raspberry Pi (Raspbian in my case). It took approximately 4 hours for me to build Aqsis from source, including the time taken to build libTiff, one of the package dependencies for Aqsis. The rest of the dependent packages were readily available for Raspbian and it took only a…

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