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This is the tool I created for easy assignment of RGB Mattes for the objects in the scene during the maya render process.For those who havn’t used RGB matte passes in render, RGB matte passes help in extracting individual 3d elements from a maya scene render containing multiple objects. This handy tool helps in creating mattes for ambient, diffuse, Incandescence, and reflect channels with the click of a button.

The usage of the script is as follows
source ak_rgbMatteTool.mel;

you can download the script here



This script will let you setup the cartoon head squash setup similar to the  cartoon head tutorial in the previous post.The script will add a squash control with the custom attributes maintain_volume and squash_factor.The rest of the procedure will be the same as that shown in the tutorial.


source ak_addSquashUI.mel;

you can download the script here

auto stretchy ik (ak_makeStretchyUI.mel)

ak_makeStretchyUI.mel is a script that will help you build stretchy ik chains with invidual upper and lower stretch and also variable auto stretch options using utility nodes.


source ak_makeStretchyUI.mel;


This will open up a window similar to this. ak_makeStretchyUI_imgSelect the ik handle and the global

control and press make Stretchy.

You can download the script here