File Handling in MEL – Part2

To perform a set of file operations including creation, deletion and listing of files and directories

Creating  folders using sysFile command

 sysFile -makeDir "/home/user/mayaFolder"; //unix
 sysFile -makeDir "C:/Documents and Settings/MayaFolder"; //windows

Get the list of mel scripts in the  maya scripts directory

 getFileList -folder "/home/user/maya/scripts" -filespec "*.mel";

Stripping a file path in to directory name and base name.

 $filePath = "/home/user/maya/2011-x64/scripts/userSetup.mel";
 $dirName = dirname($filePath);
 $baseName = basename($filePath , "/");

sysFile, dirname, basename
The sysFile command can be used to create, delete or rename files and directories from within Maya. The dirname and basename commands can be used to strip a file path in to the absolute path and filename. Using a combination of these three commands its possible to perform a variety of OS level operations from within the Maya workspace itself.


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