CODE – CG – MEL Scripting – Preface

After coming across so many queries about MEL Scripting in several computer graphics forums, I felt it would be a great idea to start a MEL Scripting Tutorial Series under CODE-CG where Artists and Programmers can learn how to get their job done by making use of MEL. You might be skeptical why we need a Tutorial series when we already have numerous books available in the market that cover MEL. I would say, all those books will tell you how to write a MEL Script but fail to tell where to use them. Having spend a couple of years in the Computer Graphics industry this is the pattern that I observed.

1. Artists are too lazy to learn Scripting even if they know that scripting knowledge can streamline their workflow a lot.

2. Programmers who know Scripting, never always come up with the Scripts that completely makes use of the techniques an experienced Artist is equipped with.

There will always be a communication gap between the Artists and the Programmers which results in a few thousand lines of code, which would have made use of better logic, if they both knew what the other person was looking for.

Hence I decided that the structure of the Tutorials should be in such a way that each MEL command that we examine here should point to the exact production scenario where it can be made use of, so that whether you are an Artist or a Programmer, you know exactly Where and How you gotta use it.


3 thoughts on “CODE – CG – MEL Scripting – Preface

    1. anoop ak

      sure Manoj. I would love to hear feedback from each one of you who visit this page, on what topics to be covered and what can be improved in the format of the tutorials.


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