strechy ik with variable autostretch tutorial

This tutorial will demonstrate the procedure to setup a stretchy ik setup in maya using utility nodes.The procedure involves the use of maya utility nodes (clamp,addDoubleLinear and multiplyDivide) to setup a stretchy ik chain with custom attribute autostretch that will allow the animator to predefine the extend to which the joints get stretched.

you can download the example file here


4 thoughts on “strechy ik with variable autostretch tutorial

  1. Feliceworkshop

    Ooops…I apologize!
    The above comment was intended for your “Cartoony head stretch ‘n squash” video, I was viewing both tutorials on on 2 separate windows and I’ve ended up posting on the wrong one. Sorry again and feel free to delete. 🙂

  2. Bangsad

    Hi Manish,It was a co-incidence that I oneped ur blog,but I found it quite interesting and informative.I liked the way u have put things into it.Anyway I am Abhishek Kumar,an IT student from Amity University,Lko.I was quite impressed by the ur endeavours in the form of the technical club which u have formed.I am keen to horne my linux skills for which I shall seek ur help in future.Lots of good wishes for the good work u r doing.Take careAbhishek


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