Cartoony head stretch n squash

This maya tutorial will take you through the procedure for setting up a head with stretch and squash ability to a character rig .Here I have made of lattice, joint and a bunch of utility nodes to get better control over the squash and stretch instead of using the non linear squash deformer.The techniques shown below can be incorporated in to any kind of cartoony rigs , giving the animators the flexibility to get appealing character deformation.In addition to that there are custom attributes for maintaining the volume and also for manipulating the amount of squash.

you can download the example file here


5 thoughts on “Cartoony head stretch n squash

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  2. Amol Naik

    I really liked the tutorial…the video is a bit fast…though!

    I had one question:

    Does the animator must be creative artist…? Can somebody from technical background jump to computer animation…??

    1. anoop a k

      Well not exactly.Computer animation consists of elements that are a blend of technical and artistic skills.Just because someone cant draw or paint doesnt mean he cant do well in animation.Its all about the observation skills of a person and how good he can replicate the things which he see around, in to a virtual world inside the computer.Its always technie guys who come up with better solutions to make the life of the artists easier, when it comes to digital animation.

  3. Feliceworkshop

    Thank you so much for this cool Cartoony head stretch n’ squashvideo. I’ve recently graduate in cpu animation and I’ve got to tell ya, they don’t teach this kind of set up in my school!
    I just have a small request, perhaps you could add some text in your video describing the steps you’re going through in your tutorial? Because it’s a bit difficult to follow up without the aid of the audio (I wasn’t sure if you parented or not in a couple of passages thoughout your tutorial).
    Thank you!

  4. sidh

    Hey can u also write tutorial for bedable limbs with volume presevation streach nd cartoony facial set up with streachable eye’s cornea streach nd squash….

    I will b really thnkful 2 u if u tell me hw it wrks or atleast the logic or the way(approach) of doing it…


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