auto stretchy ik (ak_makeStretchyUI.mel)

ak_makeStretchyUI.mel is a script that will help you build stretchy ik chains with invidual upper and lower stretch and also variable auto stretch options using utility nodes.


source ak_makeStretchyUI.mel;


This will open up a window similar to this. ak_makeStretchyUI_imgSelect the ik handle and the global

control and press make Stretchy.

You can download the script here


5 thoughts on “auto stretchy ik (ak_makeStretchyUI.mel)

  1. cocopalm

    Hey!! anoop a k Can u help me to create a IK FK leg Streatchy set up with your nice tuts many of my friends are also waiting for your next rocking tut regarding this subject .. I believe u will help us .. Again thanks for your nice share .. Keep helping God bless u.. Bye!!

  2. cocopalm

    I think u r little busy thats why u r unable to answer my request well if u have any script regarding this topic can u plz post it it would be nice … thanks in advance bye..!!!

    1. anoop a k

      sure.I will be covering those topics in the coming posts.Actually I am hardly finding time from my work schedule to compile something new.So I was posting those tutorials which I had compiled during my free time before.Anyways thanks for the out for more stuff.

  3. Cameron Chamberlain

    Hey, I’m getting a
    “basicExpression has encountered a divide by zero. Result is unpredictable.”
    when using this script. that isn’t supposed to occur right?

    is there some easy way to fix this?

    thanks for the work!


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