my online avatar

After  thinking about a perfect means to delineate my online avatar, finally I ended up with this one. well, dont get offended by the fiendish look on his face.I am a person who believe that the less you try to hide the devil inside, the more acceptable you will be to others.Ok, leave the devil aside.I started off the design with the basic layout of a bull head(you guessed it right….I am a Taurean).But I wanted this one to look more like a human…so after trying out some rough designs …decided to go with wolverine hair style.Finished the sketch in a couple of minutes but still had to wait some more days to find time to get it done on photoshop.And here it is….



4 thoughts on “my online avatar

  1. Radhika

    He he…Taurean!!! Taureans are normally goodlooking (Look at me !!) I guess u r the exception & I m glad u cud c the humour of it, which is expressed thru this avatar 😉

    Jokes apart, good sketches! Trust me, this online avatar looks very much like u 🙂

  2. Chrisy

    I liked the idea of the bull head (Mr Taurean ) andthe wolverine hair style……But why dint you mention what the Ear of yours is supposed to be more similar too”M—-E M—E “. Sqeak Sqeak………Jokes apart ,Good beginning da AK……….


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