Current Assignment

Ok…..don’t think I am getting away with the excuse of time constraints. Even though this also is  “Work In Progress”, its something which I put my whole effort on, throughout the day. This is the promotional video of the movie “Arjun-The Warrior Prince” which I am currently working on, slated for release by the end of the year 2009.I am part of dedicated team of professionals working hard to deliver the best output and make this movie one of the milestones in the history of Indian Animation. Directed by NID alumni Arnab chaudary and produced by UTV Motion Pictures, this movie is one of the biggest budget movies in Indian Film Industry.


3 thoughts on “Current Assignment

  1. Chrisy

    Ayyo—ee cinema ninthe Koode irunnengaanum Kandaal pinne—swairam tharillaloo–Athu njan cheythatha–ithu njan cheythathaa ennokke paranju –hahah—Looks good—-Alla athu pottte ithil entha nee cheythathu!!!


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