divapink This illustration was done a few months back.Was inspired by a character in some advertisement i came across. Had categorized this one among the “Work In Progress” ones. But I am not sure whether I will be getting time in near future to complete this one. So let the first post be WIP…


2 thoughts on “wip

  1. Marie

    I like pyqt as its easy and works euqllay well on linux and windows. I also like gtk a lot but not the python implementation of it. I think the C implementation is so much cleaner and much better documented. If i was learning python gui programming today i would learn pygame and then turn to c to do the heavy lifting apps using a much better system.by hoowey on July 29, 2011 at 12:59 pm.

    1. anoop a k Post author

      I agree with that. But the reason why we (programmers for visual effects pipeline) stick to python is because most of the DCC applications used in our industry comes with a python api to further customize the app to our requirements. Using a scripting language makes it easier to deploy tools which can integrated in to the system at a faster pace.


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