Hi all

Finally, after conceiving the idea to start blogging for a prolonged time , i have managed to find time to write up  an introductory note.”Pragmatic Artistry” will showcase my sketches and artworks and my personal suggestions on Character Setup Techniques in Digital Animation. Hope to keep this space updated as far as possible.


4 thoughts on “Hi all

  1. Aneesh

    lemme be the frst one to post comment ..
    tis intelligent ,idiotic ,talented brat is one heck of an artist and creativity personified.
    Let this be the key to ur talented self.
    best wishes man ….

  2. Chrisy

    ha —-Pukku vanno ninne aadhyamaayi anugrahiche—–Da bow bow avanu bhaavi vallathum undaakumo—-!!! HEy AK…A real good first step—-Do well and am so Proud of the “M M ” friend of mine who took to what he really is good with and a path the least followed by any of his counter parts………ie a path of following ones dream and love and capability…… Great going friend…..Wishing you the very very best in this challenging enterprise……………

  3. Gautham

    Hey what is with ‘pragmatic artistry’?switched over from ‘SOLITUDE’ to ‘pragmatic artistry’???Anyway the blog looks good and sketches are superb.But one question to the budding DA VINCI-Like DA VINCI had the inspiration from his neighbour for monalisa,who is your inspiration behind these wonderful feminine sketches?:-)


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